(GEARY, NB – June 26th, 2022) – The following are results from the racing action at Speedway 660 in Geary, New Brunswick on Saturday, June 25th. Please note, all results listed here are unofficial until otherwise stated by the Atlantic Modified Tour.


Feature: 1. 91-Braxton Stafford[7]; 2. 7-Travis Conroy[2]; 3. 58-Yves McCray[6]; 4. 2W-Chris Wilson[9]; 5. 4-Kevin Bailey[1]; 6. 17-Joe Hoyt[5]; 7. 81-Jamie Weston[8]; 8. 75-Doug Matchett[3]; 9. (DNF) 7H-Tristin Harris[4]

Heat 1: 1. 58-Yves McCray; 2. 2W-Chris Wilson; 3. 81-Jamie Weston; 4. 75-Doug Matchett; 5. 4-Kevin Bailey; 6. 7H-Tristin Harris; 7. 17-Joe Hoyt; 8. 91-Braxton Stafford; 9. 7-Travis Conroy

The next event for the Atlantic Modified Tour takes place on Saturday, July 2nd at 7pm at Speedway Miramichi in Miramichi, New Brunswick. The next Speedway 660 event is the Urquhart Construction Firecracker Sportsman 150 on Sunday, July 3rd at 2pm.

For more information about upcoming racing events at Speedway 660, visit Speedway660.com, like @Speedway660 on Facebook or call the Speedway 660 Raceline at (506) 454-7223.

About Speedway 660:
Speedway 660 is one of Canada’s premier stock car racing facilities. Located in New Brunswick’s Fredericton region, it has attracted race teams and fans from the Maritimes, New England and Quebec since 1994. The Speedway 660 racing season runs from mid May until late September. SpeedWeekend, one of the most prestigious short track events in eastern North America, is the marquee event of the Speedway 660 season on Labour Day Weekend.

About the Atlantic Modified Tour:
The Atlantic Modified Tour is a New Brunswick based open wheel modified touring series. Founded in 2003 by Jim Duke, the Atlantic Modified Tour continues to thrill fans across the Province. You can keep up with the Atlantic Modified Tour by liking the Series on Facebook and following the Tour on Instagram (@AtlanticModifieds) or by visiting their website at AtlanticModifieds.com.

Photo by Ryan Chapman

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