The New Brunswick based Atlantic Modified Tour (AMT) will be sticking to its roots in 2021 as a driver owned tour. Launched in 2003 as the Atlantic Open Wheel (AOW) Tour, the series has undergone many changes throughout the course of its history, but one thing which has and will continue to remain constant is the cumulative driver ownership of the division. Going forward, the tour and all of its drivers are focused on making the 2021 season – which will be the 19th consecutive season of action – the best one yet!

Being a driver-run tour has meant that all drivers receive a vote in tour business, including in the election of the board of directors and rule changes. This has permitted the tour to limit rule changes and hence limit rising costs which have been all too often seen in the sport of racing. In 2021, one of the significant change to the rulebook will be using a used Hoosier 1070 series tire only – a move which will make used tires more accessible to drivers!

Despite being one of the most affordable classes, the thunderous Modified cars are one of the fastest. In fact, timing and scoring has proven these Modifieds to race at speeds equal to or better than Sportsman cars – all at costs cheaper than Street Stocks! This has made the Atlantic Modified Tour an attractive division for many! In 2021, drivers from all three Maritime provinces are expected to compete – a mix of drivers of all ages, with an age range from under 20 to over 55.

Given the affordability and speed of the Modifieds, the AMT has been seeing steady growth over recent years. COVID-19 related delays made for a challenging start to the 2020 season, but car counts remained stable and interest has continued to grow in the tour, positioning Atlantic Canada’s “Fan Favorite Touring Series” (as voted on by readers of Tim’s Corner Motorsports) in a place to see its best season in over a decade in 2021.

The competitiveness of this tour has been undeniable – with four different drivers capturing checkered flags in 2020 and ten different drivers earning a podium, the AMT was one of the most competitive divisions to take to the track in 2020. This came on the heels of years which featured six different winners in 2019 and eight different winners in 2018 in eleven races.

With the focus shifting towards 2021, the tour has already been in talks with several tracks regarding scheduling and will actively be seeking event and series sponsors! A meeting discussing the future, rules and plans for 2021 will be held in the coming weeks, with the date being announced soon!

We look forward to what is to come in 2021! The new year is shaping up to be a prosperous one, and we hope you will join us at the track!

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