From Bryn Enterprises:

Bryn Enterprises would like all drivers to review the 2020 Rules for the AMT and send an email to before 8 November 2020 with any adjustments that should be addressed at the rules meeting, that will be held on the Saturday, 14 November 2020.

Provide a solution to the problem or issue.

Where do you see the tour in the future?

The registered driver and one crew member will be invited to attend meeting, if possible, do to Covid restrictions and limitations. There will be a set agenda and a time limit for the meeting.


Agenda items on list:





Future of the tour….

How many races do you think should be in the 2021 season?


Timings and location of meeting will be emailed back to the registered driver’s email, after AMT staff and drivers representatives set the agenda.

Rules can be found on the website

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